Završeno preoblikovanje KIM-a d.d. u KIM d.o.o.


kim-mljekara-karlovac-ulaz-ftdTrgovački sud u Karlovcu donio je 26. studenog ove godine rješenje o preoblikovanju KIM Mljekare Karlovac d.d. u društvo s ograničenom odgovornošću i upisu jedinog člana društva Dukata.

Kako se navodi u priopćenju objavljenom na Zagrebačkoj burzi, dosadašnje društvo KIM Mljekara d.d. od navedenog datuma posluje pod nazivom KIM Mljekara Karlovac društvo s ograničenom odgovornošću (skraćeno KIM d.o.o.).


  1. KimI had just bought the SSG in pewodr format from Singapore AH Gek’s husband.Was advised to take 20gm a day. Husband is at stage 4 liver cancer which was metasize from bowel.Question is pewodr as effective as the fresh grass, obviously I could not obtain it as I am in UK so is it advisable for my husband to come out of the chemeo and then travel to Singapore or Malaysia for a period of time like you to consume the fresh grass. Please advise, he is losing weight rapidly and chemeo treatment is causing the lowering of red blood cells which is alarming.Please help I am all alone here in UK trying to cope with helping him.Rosalind


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